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Central Coast Shelter is one of the major community projects we support. Terrigal High school is proud of the work our students, school community and staff do at Coast Shelter and to have been involved with this phenomenal community service over the past five years. Our SRC students have been campaigning and working to help raise awareness of about the extraordinary work that happens every day at the shelter.

Some of the services Coast Shelter provides are: cooked meals 7 days a week to those in need, access to showers and washing machines, clothing and hampers, legal and medical assistance and finding temporary housing for the most vulnerable in the community with strong links to the woman’s refuge amongst other organisations.

We are in our 5th year of volunteering on the second Saturday of every month. With a small team of dedicated SRC students and supervising staff on each of these days we prepare and serve meals to the homeless and people doing it really tough in our community. By the end of October 2018 counting up all these past Saturdays - THS students and volunteering staff had provided 2016 volunteering hours, 3,480 hot meals and 4000 desserts. Along with these tangible things we also provided warm smiles and conversation and for some people the shelter is the only place they can count on these positive interactions in their lives. This is something to be really proud of as a school .

In addition to this for the last 3 years we have also run canned food drives, 50c Fridays and our annual Xmas Shoe box appeal which will begin again in Term 4.

Our students, staff and families have generous hearts and we would like to thank them for their continued kindness and help in supporting Central Coast Shelter.

Winter is a particularly difficult time for people in need on the coast and so in term 3 the SRC ran the annual “50 cent Friday “ campaign where we asked staff and students to donate 50c on a Friday. This small amount made a big impact when combined together. The money has gone to the shelter to purchase the food items necessary for our monthly cooking.

For more information on the fantastic service Coast Shelter provides see: