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Attendance policy

This is a basic guide to the attendance procedures at Terrigal High School.

In line with our aim of ensuring that all students gain the maximum benefit possible whilst at school and that optimum attendance is achieved we ask for your support. Students do sometimes forget to let parents know about requirements, which can cause difficulties. Please keep this notice for future reference.

School attendance

Roll call

  • Students must be punctual to roll call.
  • Notes giving a justifiable reason for absences must be handed in within 7 days, this includes partial absences. We are unable to change the records after this time.
  • As with all notes, they must be written and signed by a parent or legal guardian/caregiver.
  • Notes should clearly state student's full name and year as well as the valid reason.
  • All absences need to be explained, whole day and partial absences are recorded on reports.
  • When your child is absent for two days or more, please contact the school and let us know the reason for the absences.


  • Rolls are marked every lesson.
  • Senior students are monitored closely to ensure that they meet attendance requirements and demonstrate sustained and diligent effort.
  • Late arrivals, students must have a slip from the office if arriving late to school. Notes stating the reason should be supplied.
  • Parent contact will be made by class teacher/Head Teacher for students causing concern.
  • Information/concerns regarding welfare issues will be sent to Andrew Yates (Head Teacher Welfare) for appropriate intervention.
  • Students intending to go on extended leave during school time are required to seek the Principal's approval (over 10 days) and complete the application for exemption form.

Pass outs

  • Requests for leave are to be presented to a Deputy Principal before school for validation. It is not possible for students to have parents phone during the day to arrange for a pass except in an emergency.
  • Requests will only be granted where valid reasons are given. Parents will be contacted regarding unsatisfactory reasons when possible. 
  • Notes need to contain student's name, year and the reason for seeking the pass. Driving tests, birthday lunches, going to work, late due to traffic and such are not deemed to be acceptable.
  • Students unable to participate in sport are to attend provide a note but are to go along to their venue.
  • All medical and other appointments should be made outside school hours where possible.

Late arrivers

  • Students arriving late must sign in at the front office and present a note giving a valid reason for late arrival before going to class. Traffic, missed the bus and slept in are not valid reasons for being late.
  • Repeated lateness will result in level placement.
  • Partial absences will be recorded on student's reports.

Senior students

Sport attendance requirements and procedures

Sport is compulsory.  Mandatory hours must be met by students.

Pass outs

  • Requests for pass outs must be presented to a Deputy Principal prior to 8.30am on Tuesdays.
  • Notes are to contain a valid reason, medical appointment notice, full name of student, year and a parent/legal guardian's contact number. As with all notes, they must be written by a parent or legal guardian/caregiver.
  • Signed notes granting permission are then to be taken to the front office for processing.
  • Students unable to participate in sport due to illness or injury must supply a note or medical certificate to verify this and attend the normal venue. Parents will be contacted to confirm the validity of notes where doubts of authenticity are concerned.
  • Parents will be contacted (in the presence of the student if time permits) when a request is denied. This requirement is the same for any school day. Notes submitted the following day to explain the failure to follow these procedures will not be accepted.
  • No student is permitted to leave the school grounds without a pass.
  • Failure to follow these procedures will result in sport detentions and the partial absence being recorded as truancy.


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