Terrigal High School

A quality comprehensive education with a history of academic success.

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First impressions

Below are some first impressions of primary school students transitioning into high school.

Alessandra Gasparotto - Our Lady Star of Sea School

"I really enjoy Terrigal High School because it is a friendly, caring environment. It gives lots of opportunities and encourages everyone to learn and to reach their full potential."

Ellena Bailey - Gosford East Public School

"Terrigal High School is  very different to primary school and much larger, but you get used to it quickly. The teachers are all nice and so are the people." 

Katlyn Wilkinson - Empire Bay Public School

"Terrigal High School is the best high school! It has the best teachers, best subjects and opens lots of doors for opportunities."

Mitchell Starkey - Bateau Bay Public School

"Terrigal High is awesome, it is great fun and entertaining. The people here are so nice and the teachers are great." 

Bianca Mathieu - Erina Heights Public School

"High school is quite scary at first, but you then get used to the environment. We have so many wonderful things to do for sport." 

Carly Chappell - Wamberal Public School

"High school is so much fun. You meet lots of new friends and do so many things you don't do in primary school."

Tahlia Pearce - Brooke Avenue Public School

"Going to Terrigal High was scary at first, but it has given me a lot of new opportunities and I have met some great people."

Chelsea Emery - Gosford East Public School

"On my first day at Terrigal High, I thought it was very different because I went to a small primary school. It was hard making friends in the first term but I finally made some. Terrigal High is a great school because of the choice of subjects and you get to meet new people."